Fingers Crossed 交叉手指


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Fingers Crossed在英語世界裡有「祝福」的意思,直譯成中文成了「交叉手指」,又是甚麼意思呢?在這份以報紙形式印刷的刊物裡,大概就是「賽馬場上的祝福」的意思吧!由設計師David Loy和Federico Pavlani在2018時份帶領ECAL/HKDI學生研究「關於香港賽馬文化」,這份「小報」可算是成果集。隱若仿照「馬報」和彩券的影子,刊載了相片、訪談,甚或有點不明所以的幾何線條,細閱下來其實相當有趣。🐎

Fingers Crossed means “blessings” in English but it’s hard to translate this figurative speech into Chinese. In this newspaper-like publication, it could mean “blessings on the racetrack”! In 2018, designers David Loy and Federico Pavlani led students at ECAL/HKDI in a study on Hong Kong Horse Racing Culture. This “tabloid” can be seen as a collection of their findings, with a format that loosely imitates the betting guides and lottery coupons. Its photos, interviews, and geometric lines are open to interpretation, which makes for an interesting read. 🐎


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