Mao Bites Dog|Ryan Barr


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紀實攝影集。《Mao bites dogs》是一份在激烈示威與衝突現場的相集,在上年2019時份的旺角拍攝。攝影師Ryan Barrett身在甚麼事都可能發生的衝突現場,準確地捕捉人的情緒,包覽衝突內外,路人、奇怪的街頭表演者、街景、交通工具,甚至Billboard廣告,均與衝突情緒形成強烈對比,看罷讓人情緒複雜莫明。黑白數碼印刷。騎馬釘。

All Photoes taken in Mong Kok. Photographer Ryan Barrett is in a conflict scene where anything can happen, and accurately captures the emotions of people, including inside and outside the conflict. Passersby, strange street performers, street scenes, transportation, and even Billboard advertisements all form a strong conflict with emotions. In contrast, it makes people emotionally complicated. Black and white digital printing.



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