A walk in Central


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城市探險?也可能說的是現實和虛擬世界交錯的故事,也可能是靈魂與社會(意象)交匯的故事。比喻隨你,有趣的是創作者 @kaylaluisikchi 把現實相片中的城市景觀和漫畫人物融合,而創作出人物去到了硬繃繃的「點陣化」場景中「alienation」的感覺,創造出不一樣的風格。

Urban adventure? It may also be a story in which reality and virtual worlds intersect, or a story in which soul and society (images) meet. The metaphor is up to you. The interesting thing is that the creator @kaylaluisikchi merged the urban landscape in the real photo with the comic characters, and created the characters to go to the “alienation” feeling in the rigid “lattice” scene, creating a different feeling style of.


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