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Eat paragraph after paragraph, and still after home hungry

以上是記者Holmes Chan卷首語中的其中一句。不久之前的那場政治風暴,叫多少有心有眼的人,目睹各種荒謬與暴力,目光不能移開屏幕、心跳悸動、久久不能睡。據說那叫做trauma(創傷)。《After Shock》就是Holmes Chan的自發小書,收錄了曾在反送中運動期間曾報導香港新聞的10位記者,一一以短文表達成長心路、以致重蹈那痛楚猶在的時候,是為「餘震」。由本地獨立出版 @smalltunepress 出版,也有設計師 @yeungstudio 的拼貼插圖在內,為每篇文章詩意作Visual。

Eat paragraph after paragraph, and still after home hungry.

The above is one of the lines in the opening remarks by journalist Holmes Chan. The political turmoil from not so long ago has whipped up all kinds of absurdity and violence, making us unable to look away from the screen, unable to sleep. Such an experience could become trauma. “After Shock” is a spontaneous little book by Holmes Chan. It features heartfelt pieces by ten reporters who covered Hong Kong’s anti-extradition law protests. The writers have documented their own growth and journey, reliving their pain, hence the title “aftershock”. Published by the local independent publisher @smalltunepress, this book includes the collage illustrations by designer @yeungstudio. Each article is a poetic vision.


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