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在店子遇上Sheela和Jake,一對expat的朋友,就覺得挺可愛。Sheela @begumati.zubaan 來自印度,在港定居一段時間,這zine可算是「給香港的情書」吧。以詩意句子寫成她對香港生活時的感覺,敏銳於人和人的接觸和自己印度裔身份的聚焦,主題上有交通工具、街市、洗衣店和烹飪,但都離不開Zine名字隱含的「香料/氣味」和自己的Self-consciousness。讀來很有趣,是一個異鄉人永遠習慣不了他方文化的書寫。


Life experience of a foreigner.

When I met Sheela and Jake, a pair of expat friends, I found them very cute. Sheela  @begumati.zubaan comes from India and has lived in Hong Kong for a period of time. This zine can be seen as a “love letter to Hong Kong”. She writes poetry about her feelings of life in Hong Kong, exploring the human condition that revolves around her Indian identity. Themes include transportation, markets, laundry, food and cooking. Spice and aroma are intertwined with the poet’s self-consciousness, as if a foreigner is forever distanced from the written expressions of other cultures.

Text by Sheela. Photos by Jake.


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