Five Demands No One Less


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介紹 @popandzebra 已經好幾趟,由《A-Z》到《(not) a yellow object》到《Hong Kong Way》,都令人喜出望外,但我們還未介紹他們的族裔。原來他們祖先來自印度,生活在香港,是地道香港人。這本他們的第四本以反送中為主題的創作《5 Demands No One Less》,更引用自身文化和信仰,重申「I’m a reminder, I’m a witness」,在神聖的信仰世界,所有不平不公,人在做天在看;五大訴求,缺一不可。

Five demands from Hongkongers of Indian ethnicity.

The works of @popandzebra, from “A-Z” to “(not) a yellow object” to “Hong Kong Way”, have all given us pleasant surprises. These delightful works are created by authentic Hongkongers of Indian ancestry. Their fourth book “5 Demands No One Less” is centred on the anti-extradition law movement. The artists quote from their culture and religion, reiterating “I’m a reminder, I’m a witness”. In the sacred world, all acts of injustice are being watched by the heavens – Five demands, not one less.


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