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全球的 #麥記 多如繁星,北美國民習慣開車drive-thru買走食,唯獨亞洲區麥記梗有一間係左近,仲要開足24小時,冷氣凍過雪櫃,街坊裝隨便出入,這樣親民的飲食消閒空間成為大家生活的一部份。至於「麥難民」這個稱號是好是壞?得看觀點與角度,畢竟在香港這個高生活成本和仕紳化蔓延的城市,容許在沒有最低消費顧慮的食市溜連或過夜。這是近代社會的怪奇現象,也成了一個new norm的社群和社交空間。
這本小誌是澳門創作者 #yangsiomaan 洋小漫的深夜考察寫生誌,他規律地嘗試在各個晚上碰上許多留連麥記的街坊,誰知他們是否無家可歸,還是根本害怕獨留家中,或只是想出來走走唞唞氣?作者刻意選用黃色紙加紅色字,期望讀者在翻頁間對號入座聯想成麥記的招牌專色。別具用心。
《Home Sweet Home》/洋小漫/ 2019年10月出版/52頁/四色印刷/ aelartmo 出版/


The urban revelation of McRefugees.

There are many McDonald’s restaurants around the world. North Americans tend to use the drive-thru, whereas in Asia, there always seems to be a 24-hour McDonald’s nearby blasting cold, frigid, air-conditioning. Such a consumerist space has become part of our daily lives. How can we understand the label of ‘McRefugee’ in the context of high costs of living, rampant gentrification, and the rising number of restaurants that mandate minimum spending? This weird phenomenon in modern society has become a new norm. Macau artist #yangsiomaan has produced a chronicle of late-night sketches from his regular visits to McDonald’s to meet the folks who stay overnight. He wonders whether they are homeless or just afraid to be home alone. It may be also possible that they are only out to take a breather. The author takes a shot at the restaurant franchise by deliberately choosing yellow paper with red lettering. A thoughtful gesture.

“Home Sweet Home”/Yang Xiao Man/ Published in October 2019/52 pages/Four-color printing/ Published by aelartmo/


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