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因為社會運動持續而一再延後推出,剛出爐的otto 第五期,最終決定以「黑」做主題。由兩位藝術家女生TT和Wongmeiyin各自創作半本,世代上屬九十後的二人都不約而同對社運持續關心,對香港的狀況感痛心。TT以「black object」recall運動中一些難忘的日子,並選取相關物件創作;Wongmeiyin選的是關於晚上難以入睡的個人(也是集體)回憶片段。


This fifth issue of otto has overcome postponement and social unrest to finally make it out of the printers. Post-90s artists TT and Wongmeiyin (each responsible for creating content for one half of each otto issue) have decided to respond to the ongoing protests by choosing, for this issue, the theme of ‘Black’. TT used ‘black object’ as a starting point in recalling memorable scenes and objects from the protests. Wongmeiyin reflected on the difficulty of going to sleep in these turbulent nights, something that’s sadly become a collective experience for all of us.

In line with past issues, ‘Black’ is complemented by a calendar card to the first half of 2020.


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