Pillow Hands, Heavy Feet


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「手輕如無物,足重如鉛鐵」,這是策劃人Ysabelle Cheung的卷首語的第一句。說的是面對近半年的抗爭歲月,那心底低落又無力的深刻感受。




The title Pillow Hands, Heavy Feet speaks to a kind of helplessness felt by the curator Ysabelle Cheung during the past half-year of protest and resistance. She responded by putting together a zine that gives voice to her favourite local artists.

‘This tiny zine contains the words of artists, poets, writers, designers, illustrators, and other cultural practitioners,’ Ysabelle said. ‘It’s a way to understand the past six months through various perspectives, and to document these moments that will soon disappear or be made to disappear.’

Such is the value of printed words. They carry a depth that go beyond the digital world of instant gratification. The printed book stands the test of time. May all creative individuals also stand the test of our challenging times. Remember the call and keep the fire going.

First edition, 300 copies


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