Saamsyu 三竪


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一口氣在炎熱的時份,收到插畫師 @saamsyu #三竪 共兩期的插畫小誌,有種視覺清涼撲鼻而來(笑)。 以主題貫穿,分別以「物件」和「抗爭意象」做主題,清新與寧靜的風格背後,是藏著讓人掩卷思考的留白。尤其是卷二,意象隱晦,但很好看!

Give the hot summer a visual refreshing. Receiving two issues from illustrator @saamsyu #三立 under this sweltering heat is in itself a kind of visual refreshment (haha). Themes include “objects” and “images of resistance”. Behind the fresh and tranquil style is a blank space that makes people think, especially in the second volume, where the image is vague but very beautiful!


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