Secret Place to Cry 安靜地哭的角落


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這已是香港民主運動以來,創作團隊 @inksundae 的一系列關注心靈健康的小書 #心靈自救系列 的第三本。看新聞、關心社會已經成為日常的當下,很少人情緒不會被受困擾。這小書是關於如何讓一個人默默落淚,在不經意的生活中釋放情感。

A corner for crying quietly.

This is the third in a series of small books on mental health by the creative team @inksundae during Hong Kong’s pro-democratic movement. One could easily become emotionally disturbed just by watching the news. This little book offers permission for anyone to cry in silence and to release one’s emotions amidst the realities of everyday life


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