THE ISLANDERS 島民 issue. 1


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創作者來自香港坪州,一本關於幾千人小島的map/info zine。《ISLANDERS 島民》 @islanders.zine 由陸日小店的Kit、Myriem創辦,並由島內插畫師Wendy @uuendylau 作畫,畫下了標誌性的區內地圖,甚至在地圖上能見到「椅子」和「貓咪」的蹤影。


Created by artists from Peng Chau, Hong Kong, this is a map/info zine about an island that is home to a few thousand people. “ISLANDERS島民” @islanders.zine is initiated by Kit and Myriem who founded 陸日小店, and was illustrated by islander Wendy @uuendylau. The map highlights the iconic spots on the island with traces of chairs and cats.

The theme of the first issue is “chairs”. There are many chairs on the island that are free for public use, but they are sometimes “abused” or “taken away”. The creative process included visits to the “management” of these public facilities. Worth reading for anyone planning a visit.


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