What is happening in Hong Kong?


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這陣子我城風風雨雨,612的衝突畫面咁讓人不堪回首。但其實還有很多人以及外國人不太理解這一切的前因後果。有見及此,插畫家 smallpotatodostuff 在612事件後迅速製作了這set連橫畫,先有中文版後有英文版,冀能讓好奇的人更關注、關注的人更了解,這 反送中 法例前後的來龍去脈。小書由Zinecoop代為製作,希望能把有用資訊傳播到更遠。

With our city in a time of turbulence, we can’t help but look back on the scenes of conflict from June 12. Yet there are still many people including those outside of Hong Kong who may not understand why things are happening as they are. In light of this, local illustrator Knifeson has created a series of drawings, first in Chinese, followed by an English version, to get those who are curious to care more, and those who care to further understand the ins and outs of the ongoing anti-extradition bill protests. This book is produced by Zinecoop with the hope of spreading useful information.


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