Zine Motto Circular Pins


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這些小Pin每個都有一句Zine格言,是我們ZINE COOP覺得做小誌前你要知道的事…

例如有 Zine has NO gender / Zine is freedom and random but NOT arbitrary / Zine is about to SPEAK UP / Zine is NOT for make money / Zine is about to CREATE / Zine is NO mainstream / Zine needs TIME to make / Zine is NOT a book but a BOOKLET / Zine is TIMELESS / Zine is like poetry! / Zine has NO standard format / Zine is NOT mass production / Zine has NO ads of Adidas! / Zine has NO boss but YOU! / Zine is NOT ONLY about paper / Zine is about Friendship and Community / Zine is made by YOU but you are NOT alone / Zine is to SHARE or TRADE / Zine is DREAM! / Zine is about Love and Passion / Zine has NO formula xxx!!! / Zine is about FREE your mind! / Zine is usually SMALL but not necessary / Zine is ORIGINALITY……


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