Zinema #12 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 電影自學誌 #12 從前有個荷里活


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#從前有個荷里活 Fanzine

Zinema #電影自學誌 是 本地設計師兼影迷 @4res Forrest 閑時會推出的小誌習作。最新一期第十二期是致敬上年Tarantino的電影《從前有個荷里活》(Once Upon a Time in Hollywood)的小誌,一書三冊,分別是主打小高潮色計 @ikuikustudio 作插畫的book A「電影經典金句和畫面」、主打毒草 @toxicweedszine 編寫的「好萊塢軼事」(主要是稍為神秘和陰謀論的荷里活秘聞),以及一張infographics A2海報,細數片中有關連的該年代的荷里活真假人物和事件,或者是導演刻意安排的彩蛋等趣味橫生的電影內外。

# Once Upon a Time in Hollywood Fanzine

Zinema #电影自学志 is a series of zines launched by local designer and movie fan @4res Forrest in his spare time. This latest 12th issue is a tribute to Tarantino’s movie “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” released last year. There are three volumes in the set — Book A “Classing Lines and Scenes” illustrated by @ikuikustudio, “Hollywood Anecdotes” (Hollywood secrets and conspiracy theories) written by @toxicweedszine, and an A2 infographic poster, which explores characters and events mentioned in the film, not to mention post-credits scenes and other delicious facts.


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