Basic Law – on What’s Left of Hong Kong’s Law


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這不是一本法律的參考書,這大抵可算是一本散文絮語,思潮來自一位法律系畢業生,以回應這城市日漸受到威脅的法治精神。以象徵物為引,以學院經歷為分享點,感歎一代人的未來何去何從,值得細閱。中英對照。Riso Printing。

This book is not an item for legal reference. It’s more of a collection of thoughtful prose put together by a law graduate as he responds to the gradual collapse of the city’s rule of law. He alludes to symbolic objects and his own college experience while pondering the unclear future of this generation. Definitely worth a close read. Chinese-English bilingual. Riso printing.


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